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Sex Toys in Delhi : Keeping in mind the objective to make people unite in a lifelong bond of love, we commenced our journey in the year 2017 with Sextoybazaar in Delhi. We started with a small team comprising sellers, marketers, and SEO experts who collaborated to take this online sex toys store in India among the eminent ones selling sex toys in Delhi.

Sextoybazaar had a clear motive. It was neither commercialization nor any obscene business intention but purely ensuring sexual wellness and safe health by selling sex toys in Delhi and other parts of India. Since knew it would be time-consuming and challenging, we started collecting reports about the type of sex toys people want in their daily life.


Our Findings

The survey which we conducted covered 175 men and 125 women:


Among the men using sex toys in India:

57% said they wanted something that would keep their sexual urge at its peak

24% said they were looking for products that would make their intercourse duration long-lasting

The rest 19% wanted to use safe products that would assure them an erection without any complication


Among the women using sex toys in India:

45% demanded penis-shaped vibrators which could help them replace their men’s absence

38% asked for lubes for smoothening the vaginal entry

The remaining 17% went for vaginal creams, sex machines, pussy pumps, and breast enlargement creams

This gave us a clear idea as to what type of sex toys in India was needed to serve men and women. We also found out that 59% of men in India want their female partners to play with toys during solos and foreplays. There were 6% of people who said sex toys are not important.


Our Products are all Genuine

Sextoybazaar before offering its adult products for sale conducted several tests where they assured that their products are all phthalate-free. Silicone, PVC, Pyrex, TPR, etc. are some of the major materials which have been used to manufacture our adult products. So, when it comes to answering questions on authenticity, this online sex toys store in India leaves behind no complications.


Where we are today?

Sextoybazaar has done a fair job in the last 3 years. Our sex toys store in Delhi served not only in the urban areas but also delivered orders to some remote corners of the country. Even we got a tremendous response from neighboring cities like Gurgaon and Noida. We have been fortunate to get feedback and customer reviews from people of different ages, be it college-goers, married women, or middle-aged men.

In comparison to the last 2 years, our online sex toy store in India has witnessed a good rise in the number of users in 2020. This has been indeed a major success. We are looking forward to getting the numbers higher in the coming year and later.


Our Top Sex Toys in India

Sextoybazaar has been going well with the trend of bringing new and effective sex toys to men and women. With every passing year, the collection here at this sex toy store in Delhi gets upgraded and we meet new people with new demands and fresh expectations. Keeping with these factors, we have brought a smart collection of sex toys for all genders.


Male Sex Toys in India

Here comes our section on male sex toys India. Let’s find out what it comprises:


Sex Toys for Men

Here one would find all trendy sex toys for men in Delhi that include Super Girl, male stroker, big artificial vagina, Spider Sower Masturbator, and more.


Needy sex Products For Male

This section includes all needy male sex toys in Delhi. Here one would find boys sex kit, cock ring, penis enlarger device, intimate wash, and more.


Female Sex Toys in India

Girls would take wholesome pleasure in buying toys and accessories from this category of female sex toys India here at our sex toys store in Delhi. Take a quick look:


Sex Toys for Women

Here we have some amazing female sex toys in Delhi (sex toys for Women). There are products like fun vibrators, vibrating massagers, sex machines, luxury vibrators, and more.


Accessories for Women

Women would find the most crucial accessories needed to better their sex life. Silicone breast prosthesis, steel ring, vibrating panty, breast silicone bra, and pad, etc. are some of the items that are available here at our online sex toys store in India.


Female Needy adult Products

Here are a few needy items for girls to meet their erotic needs. Hence, they will find here needy sex toys for females in India like pussy pumps, artificial hymen, breast enlargement cream, and more.


Couple Sex Toys in India

The percentage of couples using sex toys in India is huge. Hence, we have brought a fine range of couple sex toys that would be worth shopping.   

Among the couple sex toys in Delhi, we have a strap-on, anal dildos, and toy cleaners as well. Out of these sex toys for couples in Delhi, the popularity of strap-on and anal dildos have been witnessed. Our toy cleaners are all imported and do not contain harmful chemicals at all.


Party Sex Toys in India

Those who are ready to be in their best erotic moods will love shopping from our party sex toys in Delhi. One will find here new bondage toys and accessories along with special perfumes for men and women.

Also, couples will love ornamenting their room with erotic lighters and candles that are available here at economical rates.


Lube and Herbal sex products

Find the most erotically enriched and natural products here at our sex toys store in Delhi. Right from hot gels and lubes to sex drops, we have everything for all our users.

As the lube and herbal products here are made of powerful ingredients, men and women here would be able to enjoy refreshing sex life.


Long-Distance Sex Toys in India

Sextoybazaar unlocks a new-age category displaying app control vibrators for couples. These are app-based bullet vibrators and work from long distances. 

Couples who have been living in two different cities will love making good use of this vibrator. The models here are worth trying.


Our Success Stories in Big Cities

As mentioned earlier, Sextoybazaar has got its footprints in various cities throughout India. So, here are those cities to name a few:


Sex Toys In Delhi

It is all here where we pulled up our socks and headed to an adventurous journey. Here we found the highest demand was for luxury vibrators among the female toys. On the other hand, men asked for fleshlights and spider sower masturbators. The orders for sex toys for couples in Delhi were also massive. The maximum number of users was from South Delhi and Palika Bazaar. Even today, the demand for sex toys in Delhi is on the rise and is predicted to grow in the coming years.


Sex Toys In Mumbai

Although we started with Delhi, we were lucky enough to find a fair percentage of male and female users from Mumbai. The need for both realistic vibrators and non-vibrators along with cock rings and app control vibrators was felt largely in the Juhu area and Bandra as well. Girls from here showed a major interest in buying glass dildos among the female sex toys in Mumbai.


Sex Toys In Kolkata

Sextoybazaar has also made a sprawling presence in Kolkata. Here men showed enthusiasm for penis sleeve extenders and penis enlarger devices as well.

The demand for bullet vibrators among the female sex toys in Kolkata was also quite noteworthy. Couples from the Howrah area asked for a strap-on.


Sex Toys In Noida

Noida came out with the highest number of users for bondage sex toys and accessories among the couple sex toys in Noida.

Men in good numbers here voted for silicone dolls among the male sex toys in Noida. Out of these, some wanted to try these dolls out of pleasure while some out of loneliness.


Sex Toys In Gurgaon

Surprisingly, Gurgaon came with huge orders for delay sprays for men and fun vibrators for girls. There were also orders for sex kits, especially for female beginners.  

For lack of erection, men aged between 35 and 47 were also found to be ordering cock rings. Women aged between 28 and 40, on the other hand, went for pussy pumps among the female sex toys in Gurgaon.


Top 6 Sex Toys at Sextoybazaar

Sextoybazaar brings 6 such toys that have been in constant news right from the starting days. These products have benefited both men and women in some way or the other. Here is a quick look:


Bullet Vibrator

If there has been any vibrating sex toy that had kept women in intense erotic spirits, it has to be a bullet vibrator. It is known to let users enjoy double orgasm.

Sextoybazaar preserves a contemporary collection of bullet vibrators. According to plenty of women, these sex toys for females in Delhi have proved quite worthy.


Vibrating Massager

This has been among the popular sex toys in Delhi as per what our customer care team reported. Women of all ages have enjoyed using this device for erotic massages during solos and foreplay as well.

Even a good number of couples have enquired about the use of these erotic massagers at our online sex toys store in India. Orders for this product have come from various corners of India.


Spider Sower Masturbator

Gone gone gone!!! Thankfully, the Spider Sower masturbator has left behind those boring solo sessions for men. These masturbators are far more realistic and come with a vagina for penetration.

Rightly priced, these male sex toys in Delhi usually stay high in demand throughout the year. Men have loved these masturbators like anything. The collection of male sex toys in Noida on Spider Sower masturbators is worth mentioning.


Big Artificial Vagina

What could be better than presenting the female genitals to a man for pure erotic play? Sextoybazaar brings such amazing products that would never make men feel that they have been deprived of sex. The collection of sex toys in Gurgaon brings more of these(Big Artificial Vagina) products.

These male sex toys in India come in silicone bodies and therefore quite easy to clean. Although it is named artificial, the private parts look quite real to give men maximum enjoyment.


Cock Ring

Guess what’s the biggest phobia for men during sex? Yes, it is an erection. Here comes the cock rings at Sextoybazaar where men would be spoilt for choice. These penis rings involve no problems in wearing and instead gives better results.

The orders for cock rings have been found coming almost every month at Sextoybazaar. As per our experts, this product will never lose its importance among men. The compilation of sex toys in Gurgaon brings some incredible cock rings.


Silicone Love Doll

The hottest girl in town is here, and she is the silicone love doll. Sextoybazaar unveils an awesome collection of silicone love dolls that would leave men wild and excited. This has also been a noteworthy product among online sex toys in Noida.

Sextoybazaar has got big orders from mostly urban areas, probably due to the high price of these dolls. However, these dolls have proven to be satisfactory bed partners according to plenty of men.

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